Things Customers Always Say, part 1: ‘you must have a lot of patience to do this job’


The above image is the movement from a dial clock which has been brought in for a service. The finished product that you see if the result of several days of work burnishing, bushing, filing, polishing and lots of other words I’d probably spell wrong. All necessary repairs have been carried out. In theory it should work. But it doesn’t. You can call that murphy’s law or put it down to my own incompetence (thanks) but the bottom line is that it will have to come apart again to find the fault before it can be put on test.
It is at this point that one would assume that the individual who has made the conscious and informed decision to become a clock restorer would be able to engage his/her practiced virtues of patience and tolerance to happily accept the fact that it’s all part of the job. However, I wholeheartedly believe that the required levels of such virtues are just not humanly possible.
Contrary to popular belief, our practiced way of dealing with these situations is to shout, swear, shake an angry fist in the direction of the accused and then stomp upstairs to make a cup of tea before begrudgingly slumping back behind our bench to face the inevitable.

You may be inclined to think, after learning this, that we hate what we do, but we don’t. The four of us here in the shop do what we do because it is a passion and an interest, not just a job.
Ask the shouty michelin starred chef, the stressed out hotel manager and the regimental Sergent Major – Having the odd tantrum is part of the fun 🙂